Under Old Management

After three exciting years running The Bloomsbury, we’re are off to pastures new (New Zealand to be precise but with a dose of travelling beforehand!)

Fortunately, Matt’s parents, Tricia and Steve, are coming out of retirement and returning to take over the Bloomsbury once more!

They held the reigns at The Bloomsbury for seven years before we took over and taught us everything we know, we’re certain future guests (and Harvey dog) are in safe hands. More importantly, we’ve shared Paul’s lemon drizzle cake recipe with them!

It’s been an eventful three years, from winning the Guesthouse of the Year award to supervising Harvey’s foray into the theatre and receiving a lovely review from the Guardian. We’ll be sad to go, but equally excited to begin our travels and subsequent relocation to New Zealand!

If you want to keep apace of our trip, our travels will be diligently snapped and shared on our Instagram account @bloomsburyboys.

 Paul, Matt & Harvey dog

Paul, Matt & Harvey dog

A big thanks to all our previous guests for three of the most interesting years, and all the best to Tricia and Steve as they take the reigns once more!

Bye for now!

Paul & Matt