After three exciting years running The Bloomsbury, Matt and Paul left for pastures new (New Zealand to be precise but with a dose of travelling beforehand!)

As planned, Tricia and Steve, are back after travelling the world, and returning to the Bloomsbury to meet up with old friends and new!

After 7 years it was time for a break, so Matt and Paul kindly offered to keep things going whilst we travelled Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of the USA to name a few…

The Bloomsbury is now being run with less rooms to allow a higher level of comfort and service, and to allow us a little more time to enjoy the delights of York and its surrounding area. One thing is for sure though, the standards continue to rise, having just spent thousands of pounds again on refurbishing the beautiful property.

Paul, Matt & Harvey dog

Paul, Matt & Harvey dog

Matt and paul just before leaving us